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What you see in Excavations is both painting and sculpture. Each excavated art piece is made by layering twelve individual paintings, with motivation, intention, patience, joy, freedom and love, then carving into the layers to reveal a new work of art. Each layer is a unique ecstatic act, sealed in time by its successor. Carving through the painted sediment and archaeology reveals fragments of history and ancestry. Drawing inspiration from the earth and its layers of life beneath us, and from the sky overhead holding stars, super novas, the ‘big bang’, we feel the motions in time and space that have created us. From this intense energy of moving tectonic plates and exploding stars a new story is birthed. We are the layers of our past, and a continuously new waking form.

View latest works

Jason Hallman The Big Bang diptych 98x61
Jason Hallman Caravan Of Dreams diptych
Jason Hallman Speed of Thought 60x60 det
Jason Hallman Love And Rockets 50x62 det

Behind The Scenes

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